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Monday, December 7, 2009

Opening Seldom Seen in Buchan

Here we are at last, finally got hold of some photos from the Seldom Seen project opening that we were involved with (as mentors) at Buchan up in the hills near Snowy River National Park. It was a glorious evening with quite a few appreciative locals in attendance as well as some blow-ins that made the trip - we even had a photo journalist from Australian Geographic with us as he was actually doing a story on the real Seldom Seen!
We both had a very enjoyable time with this multifaceted project, it was a lot of hard work but everything happened smoothly (well, as can be expected) and big thanks to all those who were involved and made such an effort to make this project the success that it was. We especially like to thank Evelyn Schmidt for the huge amount of organising and motivating that she did (not to mention her speech on opening night), Michael Woodburn for his tireless efforts with the painted Mega-fauna and to everyone else who was involved we thank-you for your time and enthusiasm!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spare Bench

Over the years we have had quite a few work experience students in our studio for a week or more and it always has been fun. Within this time frame we have been able to show them some basic gold smithing skills and they each left the studio with their own piece of jewellery. As we have a spare bench we would like to offer it to anyone who would like to have a go at gold smithing. Maybe you would like to make a simple silver ring? Please contact us for more information.

Seldom Seen Rare Gems Exhibition

As part of the Melbourne Cup Weekend Seldom Seen Arts Trail, we had a lovely collection of rare gems and a small selection of new work.
The trail was a huge success, the weather couldn't have been better, lots of nice people around and many happy faces. We are all hoping it will happen again next year! We had a great experience at Buchan. Everything went really smooth. Thanks Ev! (We'll put some pics up soon)

Here's my good old tea-pot

A little while back some people from up the coast called in on their way to Kangaroo Island and they liked the look of the silver tea-pot that I'd made a few years ago and they wanted their neighbor to be able to see it. Here it is then. It started life at a master class held in Canberra by a Korean silversmith. It was a strange experience for me because she didn't speak English but she did speak German and she didn't like my tea-pot at all. We had some rather strong arguments about tea-pot design and function via translation thanks to my German friend Jens. She did have some natty ideas about making hollow forms though so I can forgive her laughing at my pot.

Anyway, the ceramic handle is off an old English electric kettle, the glass lid I carved from the base of one of those tall genie bottles from the 60's and the foot is a beautiful black pebble collected off one of East Gippsland's beaches. It's bit of a mish-mash of influences but with it's own unique character, just like Australia.

I've include a few more photos of my silversmithing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some remakes we've done lately

We've had a run of clients wanting their rings remade, here's a little slide show.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

German goldsmith Svenja John visits oneofftwo.

Here's a slide show of Dore's co alumnae of Hanau's staatliche Zeichenakadamie from way back in the early eighties who between evenings sampling some wonderful regional wines got stuck into it and produced this beautiful hanging sculpture that she named after Nowa Nowa.

Svenja enjoyed her time here in Nungurner so much that she is planning to return in 2011 to drink more wine, eat more food and make us our very own pink hanging sculpture inspired by some of our stunning native grevillias and hakea's that are surrounding our studio.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Seldom seen

Marcus and Dore are having a great time on some Sundays going up to beautiful Buchan spending time with the good folks involved in the seldom seen project.
So far things are progressing at a steady rate of knots, but we are hanging on tight for the acceleration that is to come very soon! As we are zooming along watch out for strange mega-fauna, wonderful women and the occasional poppy.
See links for extra info

Here comes the thunder

flash - grgrgrgrgrumblegrumble grgrgrgrgrgr - kaboom!
pitapatter pitapatter - splash -
phew - it's hot up here!!
This is the inspiration for the thundercloud pieces - as I imagine it.
I look forward to experiencing it for real one day!


Buzz - buzz - buzz
these pendants are flying up to the Toowomba Regional Art Gallery to collect some honey there.

The Photoshoot

Had a great time the other day with some lovely people, a couple of bottles of bubbly and our jewellery. Big thanks to Colin Brimblecombe who took all the shots.