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Monday, December 7, 2009

Opening Seldom Seen in Buchan

Here we are at last, finally got hold of some photos from the Seldom Seen project opening that we were involved with (as mentors) at Buchan up in the hills near Snowy River National Park. It was a glorious evening with quite a few appreciative locals in attendance as well as some blow-ins that made the trip - we even had a photo journalist from Australian Geographic with us as he was actually doing a story on the real Seldom Seen!
We both had a very enjoyable time with this multifaceted project, it was a lot of hard work but everything happened smoothly (well, as can be expected) and big thanks to all those who were involved and made such an effort to make this project the success that it was. We especially like to thank Evelyn Schmidt for the huge amount of organising and motivating that she did (not to mention her speech on opening night), Michael Woodburn for his tireless efforts with the painted Mega-fauna and to everyone else who was involved we thank-you for your time and enthusiasm!

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