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Monday, May 3, 2010

Enameling workshops

It was always our intention when we were designing our studio that we would be able to conduct small workshops and classes in the various aspects of jewellery making and now that we at last have a functioning toilet, we are both very excited to now be able to do just that.

We are going to kick off with two cloisonne enamel workshops to be held in July, we couldn't decide whether to hold them during or after the school holidays so we have decided to do both.

Dore was also very keen that the workshops are held for 4 hours each day so that the participants do not lose their powers of concentration and up the chances of enameling accidents. The pleasant benefit of this is that any visiting participants will have nigh on half a day to do any of the many lovely things in the area. These include, bush and beach walking, swimming (brrrr), mountain bike or road riding, sailing, eating and wineries, even surfing and skiing! Any locals can go home and surf the couch.

We'll be able to conduct the
workshops for 6 people in each and as the workshops will be an introduction to enameling participants won't need to have had any previous experience with enamel. Although as with any art practice a little patience goes a long way!

Workshop 1 Mon 5th - Fri 9th July
Workshop 2 Mon 12th - Fri 16th July

Workshops will run from 9am to 1pm each day and will cover the following

Introduction to enameling, metal preparation using requisite gold smithing techniques, design and use of colour, cloisonne enamel preparation and finishing, kiln use and safety.

Cost will be $440 (50% deposit payable 4 weeks in advance) and will cover tuition, all materials ie fine silver and enamels for one pendant. Those participants who are fast workers can produce more than one piece at extra cost of materials.
Morning tea/coffee/bickies are also included.

For further information please contact us on 5156 3270 or by email at our address top right

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