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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here's my good old tea-pot

A little while back some people from up the coast called in on their way to Kangaroo Island and they liked the look of the silver tea-pot that I'd made a few years ago and they wanted their neighbor to be able to see it. Here it is then. It started life at a master class held in Canberra by a Korean silversmith. It was a strange experience for me because she didn't speak English but she did speak German and she didn't like my tea-pot at all. We had some rather strong arguments about tea-pot design and function via translation thanks to my German friend Jens. She did have some natty ideas about making hollow forms though so I can forgive her laughing at my pot.

Anyway, the ceramic handle is off an old English electric kettle, the glass lid I carved from the base of one of those tall genie bottles from the 60's and the foot is a beautiful black pebble collected off one of East Gippsland's beaches. It's bit of a mish-mash of influences but with it's own unique character, just like Australia.

I've include a few more photos of my silversmithing.

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