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Monday, September 3, 2012

SITE/sight INSIGHT Drawing workshop with RITA LAZAUSKAS

We are thrilled to introduce our friend Rita Lazauskas to you through her weekend drawing workshop being held at oneofftwo.

Artist/curator Rita Lazauskas has over twenty years experience working in public galleries in the development and presentation of exhibitions, public programs, workshops and guided tours.
A practicing artist since 1986, Rita works predominantly in drawing and painting. She has been a finalist in all the major drawing awards in Australia including the Dobell, Robert Jack, Dominique Segan, Hutchin, Swan Hill, Hazelhurst and Jacaranda. Awards include the 2011 Arts Wodonga Hume Award and 2004 Blackfriars Drawing Acquisitive.


Working from observation my practice includes a commitment to a daily drawing project, ongoing since 2003. When traveling the drawings record the landscape and architecture, most recently in Morocco. But more often than not, they are based on the objects on hand at home, reflecting on the complexities of life from a safe and defended position.

A bevy of old toys and junk, including iconic symbols of western culture such as the ‘Barbie’ doll, are in the jumble of debris and objects on the desktop. Viewed from above, the discarded toys, each with their own attributes and imperfections, become metaphor for the human condition. They act out scenarios - relationships are forged and narratives abound.

Rita Lazauskas

Please have a look at Rita's unique drawings on her website:

For those of you outside of East Gippsland, there is a range of accommodation right in Nungurner and nearby surrounds. We are happy to help with suggestions.

We are hoping to make this a great weekend, please email us for more info and/or bookings.

Dore & Marcus

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