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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tea Wares, Jam Factory group exhibition

Here's a slide show of the work I made recently for "Tea Wares", currently showing at the Jam Factory craft centre in Adelaide. It is a group of 13 silver teaspoons that I had a lot of fun making and after a few name changes I finally settled on:

A dozen different silver teaspoon. (sic) - 1. Nordic, 2.Iconic, 3. Ironic, 4. Sardonic, 5. Cyclonic, 6.Pacific, 7. Electric, 8. Ascetic, 9. Eclectic, 10. Teutonic, 11. Sub-sonic, 12. Comic

Well, I had to come up with something to explain the almost schizophrenic variety of the spoons.

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